Capstone World 2.0


The climate is changing, and the repercussions are finally starting to impact the political and business climate as well.
Although the path to bring down the fossil fuel emissions and put an end to deforestation relies on actions from all of us, the truth is that global warming won’t end just by recycling and buying local.

This fact is clearly evident in the Capstone World 2.0 app. Once we factor in all the variables of our cities into the energy calculator, it becomes obvious who the big polluters are and how important it is to convince big corporations and governments to adopt cleaner and more efficient ways to produce energy.

Being the world’s leading clean technology manufacturer of micro turbine energy systems, Capstone has a key role in improving the efficiency of the nation’s energy infrastructure and reducing emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases. Understanding Capstone’s mission and vision was a key factor in the design development of the Capstone World 2.0 app.

This app is the first of its kind to use the Informative Distributed Energy Calculator which can determine the potential savings in energy costs and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions if certain city buildings switch from utility power to low emission micro turbines as well as renewable energy sources.

In addition to the calculator, the Capstone World 2.0. feature allows the users to explore a diverse landscape where Capstone micro turbines are in use and also learn how the micro turbines potentially help save money, energy and the environment. Each industry area includes written and video case studies.

My role on this project was to design and develop the UI/UX for both components of the app as well as create 3D elements and illustrations. The Capstone World 2.0 app is currently is available at Capstone World 2.0, and it can also be downloaded at the Apple Store.